Easy Simplified Hot Sour Soup Recipe

Preparation : 20 Minutes

Baking Time : 20-25 Minutes

Serves : 8 Servings

Episode : no video recipe available yet

Author : Christina Hann Trefzger

Like people say: There is a will, there is a way! My best friend was coming over to Munich and I wanted to cook something nice for him. I was sure that he’d love to have some hot sour soup. Well, it’s not easy to get all the authentic ingredients in Munich, so I just simplified and modified a bit. And to be honest, it tasted amazing!

For this recipe, I used:

14 oz (350-400 gr ) of Chicken Breast, thinly sliced

1 Block of Japanese Silk Tofu, thinly sliced

1 Red Bell Pepper, chopped

1 Package of Button Mushrooms, sliced

2 Carrots, julienne cut

1/3 Cup (60 ml) of Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp of Dark Soy Sauce

Salt, to taste

White Pepper, to taste

2 Liters (1/2 gallon) of Water

Juice of 2 lemons

2-3 Tbsp of Corn/Tapioka Starch

1 Thumb size of Ginger, grated

1 Tbsp of Cooking Oil

1 Egg, beaten

Green onions /cilantro, chopped

Some sesame oil

Chili Sauce, Optional


1. Clean and cut your chicken breast into very small pieces. Add a little teaspoon of starch and keep aside.

2. Into your large cooking pot, add in some oil. Along with the carrot juliennes, bell pepper cubes and mushroom slices. Stir fry for a minute or so.

3. Add in all the water, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt and pepper.

4. Bring it to boil. Add in the chicken pieces and stir.

5. Cook for about 5-8 minutes on low heat. You want to make sure that the chicken is cooked.

6. In a small bowl, dilute your starch with some water. Add into your soup, stirring at the same time while adding.

7. Add in beaten egg, stir. And the Japanese Tofu.

8. Serve with some green onions or cilantro and some sesame oil. If you like it spicy, add some chili sauce. Enjoy 😊

Best Carrot Cake Recipe

Preparation : 20 Minutes

Baking Time : 60 Minutes

Serves : 8-10 Servings

Episode : no video recipe available yet

Author : Christina Hann Trefzger

My friends have been asking my carrot cake recipe and every time, I just screenshot my handwriting recipe to them. I always think that I have written on my website, until recently I realized that I haven’t at all.

I have baked carrot cakes countless times and every time my friends always ask for this recipe. So I thought that I write it down here and it’s a lot easier to share with everyone!

This recipe is the classic one, I modified a lot too. Sometimes with shredded coconut, or with almond meal, hazelnut powder or even with oatmeal.

For this classic Carrot Cake Recipe, you’ll need:

4 Eggs, medium size

1/ Cup (125 gr) of Sugar


1 Tbsp of Orange Juice

3/4 Cup (180 ml) of Oil

2 Cups (240 gr) of AP Flour

1/2 Tbsp of Cinnamon

1 Tsp of Baking Powder

Vanilla Extract

1/2 Tsp of Salt

14 oz (400 gr) of Carrots, grated

1 Handful of Chopped Almonds, optional


1. Preheat your oven: 170 C (350 F)

2. Clean your carrots and grate them, and keep aside.

3. In your large bowl, add in your eggs and sugar. Beat for 3 minutes or until pale.

4. Add in cooking oil and orange juice, mix a bit.

5. Add in all the dry ingredients, mix with a spatula.

6. Add in grated carrots, carefully fold with the spatula (don’t over mix).

7. Put in your mixture in a springform that is lined with some parchment paper. Scatter some chopped almonds. Tap a bit. Bake in a medium rack for about 60 minutes or when you insert a toothpick and it comes out clean.

8. Cool it for about 15 minutes before you serve it.